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Meet our beautiful mink babyz!!

The truly beautiful Mink Ragdoll is being bred through a handful of breeders across world.  Approximately 60 breeders worldwide who wish to continue with these rare old lines of Solids and Minks.  If you look at the early pedigrees of Ann Baker's Cattery, you will find that of Buckwheat- a black type of cat (who is said to have thrown the sepia gene) and Josephine, a solid white, it will show that the Minks have a bloodline that can be traced back to the very first Ragdolls.  These old bloodlines trace back to IRCA Ragdoll Breeders.  Yes, Minks are purebred  and have the same personalities and lovable characteristics of the traditional pointed variety Ragdoll!


How Minks stand out from the crowd!

Mink Ragdoll are born with full color, unlike the traditional Ragdoll.  Traditional pointed Ragdoll kittens usually take several days to begin to show color. The coat of a Mink is smoother and much softer, and develops a darker and more richer point color, than the Traditional Ragdoll.   The body color of a Mink is a few grades lighter than their points.

Minks do come in the same traditional colors...Blue, Seal,  Lilac, & Chocolate.  Mink Ragdolls have the traditional coat patterns those being Mitted, Color point, Bi-color and can be accompanied by a Lynx pattern.   The eye color of a Mink is a normally a stunning Bluish-Green, (Aqua), reminiscent of a tropical Island ocean.

Another wonderful feature of the Mink Ragdoll is that Minks can give birth to both pointed and non- pointed kittens in the same litter!  Mink Ragdolls’ carry the gene for the pointed traditional variety of Ragdoll that we have all grown to love. This is another factor, which makes Mink kittens rare and hard to come by.

Sepia mated with a Traditional Ragdoll will give you 75% mink kittens and 25% traditional kittens.  Sepia kittens come in all the traditional colors as well, which can be accompanied by Lynx pattern, Smoke or Silver.  The Sepia eye color can vary green/gold, odd eyes, and the traditional stunning blue.  Sepia Ragdolls have a much richer coat.

**Please note that buying from a breeder is a process, not an impulse.  There may be a waiting list, and you may need to put down a NONREFUNDABLE deposit to reserve the kitten of your choice when it is born, which could take some time.

Blueyed Babyz reserves the right to first choice in any litter for breeding or show purposes.

Be sure and read and understand the Kitten Agreement BEFORE sending a deposit~~as deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  Please also read the "Kitty Wish List" to make your new kitten's transition an easy one & the "Adoption Info" page for all payment options.


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Visits are more than welcome to SERIOUS inquirers that are ready to place a deposit only.  This is our home, not a pet store or petting farm.  Bear in mind this is our family and we set appointments that are convenient for us, as well as you.  Please be considerate and be on time..if you will not be able to make it or if you will be late, PLEASE CALL.  Please do NOT visit any other catteries, Humane Societies, or the such within FOUR days of visiting us.  Thank you.


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Vet Recommendation

If you are looking for an awesome vet in the Omaha area, I strongly recommend you try Fort Street Veterinarian. 

Dr. Jerry Busselman is fabulous with my cats!  He is extremely knowledgeable with purebreds and domestics.  I would recommend him for any animal!

Dr. Busselman is at 144th & Fort St. in Omaha, and the phone number is 402.884.3383.